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Agri-Trade Equipment Expo announces 2021 Ag Innovations Finalists set to compete for $25,000

(Red Deer, Alberta – October 5, 2021) The 36th Agri-Trade Equipment Expo is set to open at Westerner Park in Red Deer from November 10th to 12th, 2021. For three days explore the newest equipment, technology, and services in the agriculture industry –including the newest in agricultural innovations. 

Innovation is the lifeblood of agriculture, and Agri-Trade is where agricultural producers get to experience it first-hand. Each year, companies are invited to submit applications on their newest ideas and advancements into the Ag Innovations program. This year will mark the 13th year of the program and we are excited to be able to be able to showcase these new innovated products. The top 5 finalists that have been chosen will compete for a $20,000 grand prize on Thursday, November 11th at 3:00 p.m. at Agri-Trade.

Using a Perfect Pitch style format, each finalist will be given five minutes to present to a panel of judges.  Attendeess will also get to vote and  select the winner of our “Farmers Choice Award” who will receive $5,000. 

 “The Ag Innovation committee is finding evaluating the increasing number of applicants in ag innovation a daunting task as every entry offers something to the agricultural community.” Comments Craig Shaw, Ag Innovations Committee Chair.  “To bring us down to the 5 finalists and their relevance in the western canadian market took careful consideration. We look forward to their presentations to the judges and attendees at Agri-Trade this year.” 

Introducing the top 5 finalists in Alphabetical order:

AGTRON ENTERPRISES INC. (Agtron Legend 260+)

Replace your older or non functional seeding electronics and controls. A new Monitor and wire harness will restore the useful life of your seeding rig, while adding up-to-date features. Even Clutch controlled ground drive systems can benefit from improved functionality and added features like Legend Seed Flow Sensors.

ClicR Technologies (ClicRWeight)

The ClicRweight Swine and Bovine Solution is a proprietary, 3D, digital imaging system that utilizes cutting-edge software and algorithms to instantly scan an animal and produce the weight with an accuracy of 4 to 5%, and it all happens seamlessly, when cattle get a drink of water – providing 24/7 ADG data instantly. This unique and revolutionary system empowers ranchers to quickly improve the performance and profitability of their business. Tracking animal weights continuously, in real time, presents the opportunity to rapidly get animals to market when they’re just the right weight.

INTELLIGENT AG (Recon SpraySense™).  

Recon SpraySense™ is the first nozzle-by-nozzle “Spray Quality Monitoring System” on the market.  Spraying is arguably the most frequest and complex operation on farms today. Modern cropping system will require 305 (or more) passes with a sprayer over the same acres each growing season to protect and feed the crop.  Operators put all their faith into the noxxles and have no way to understand the performance of those nozzles.  Flow problems are incredibly difficult to detect with the naked eye and it is proven that even small flow problems can have a big impact on the results in the field.  With Racon SpraySense; operators can have confidence theya are spraying on target!.


Never has there been such a quick and easy device that so drastically changes the human control location of a tractor.  In 5 minutes you are operating your favorite auger tractor from anywhere, never climbing into the cab again. Zero interference with OEM warranty.  Wireless Tractor Control for use with auger, bagger, extractors and any other stationary PTO work. RcFarmArm overlays your armrest controls, and ignition key in minutes, no wiring just secure both modules and plug in to tractor’s accessory power port.  Giving you the safe control of your tractor where ever you need to be standing while performing stationary PTO tasks. 


The ACX is a small retracting conveyor that places the ability to extend and swing at the end of your air seeder cart loading system. Many factory air seeder cart loading augers or conveyors do not reach under a hopper bottom trailer. The ACX easily extends under hopper bottom trailers to unload multiple hoppers without moving the truck. The product is available in a 15" belt or 10" auger version and is constructed from stainless steel. Kits are available for the JD 1910 Cart, Case 3445 and Bourgault 6550. The addition of 10 feet of travel to the air seeder loading system increases flexibility and decreases the time spent loading the air seeder so you can seed more per day.

“We look forward to showcasing these finalists along with the rest of the exhibitors at Agri-Trade this year.” comments Dave Fiddler, Agri-Trade Show Manager. “Please join us Thursday, November 11th at 3:00pm for this exciting competition.”

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David Fiddler, Agri-Trade Manager via phone at 403-755-7124 or via email at or visit the website at

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