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Innovation is the lifeblood of agriculture, and Agri-Trade is where agricultural producers get to experience it first- hand. Each year, companies are invited to enter their newest ideas and advancements into the Ag Innovations program.

This year will mark the 12th year of the program and we are taking it to a whole new level. We are excited to announce that a $20,000 grand prize will be awarded to one winner of five finalists that will go head to head and compete on Thursday, November 7th at 3:00 p.m. at Agri-Trade in the Frontier room.

Using a Dragon’s Den style format, each finalist will be given five minutes to present to a panel of judges for the$20,000 prize. Attendees will help select the winner of our “Farmers Choice Award” who will receive $5,000.

“The top five finalists are from all different sectors of agriculture and we cannot wait to see them compete head- to-head at Agri-Trade.” comments Rod Bradshaw, Ag Innovations Committee Chair and Innisfail area crop and vegetable producer. “The technology is diversifying every year, and the ideas keep getting better. This competition gives finalists an opportunity to make the perfect pitch to an audience of qualified buyers.”

2019 Ag Innovations Award Finalists


You need a fast and convenient way to compare grain bids—you need Farmbucks! We have developed real-time technology that links YOU with up to the minute GRAIN PRICING! We work together with top buyers in our industry to collect, sort and display the very best prices for growers. At Farmbucks we know that your growing area is unique, and our display metrics target your specific areas of concern. Our app is brimming with extra value, including: built-in discount and premium schedules, quick contact-links to buyers, pricing alerts and price history charting. While you work in the field, we work for you— Never miss a best-price-opportunity, again!



New to Western Canada HydraGEN is a Carbon Emission Reduction Technology. The kit can be installed on any OEM Equipment with a Diesel Engine. Also Diesel Generators or Pumps can be equipped with an HydraGEN Box. Inside the HydraGEN box there is a reactor that splits distilled water into the two gases H2 and O2 which then gets injected near the turbo on the air intake. This technology has been tested and received fuel savings result from 6 to 20%. From the emission side the reductions are enormous and create new standards.



The Dot Power Platform is a mobile diesel-powered platform designed to handle a large variety of implements commonly used in agriculture, mining and construction. Its U-shaped frame facilitates the direct loading of implements, so that, once loaded, the implement “becomes one” with the mobile powered platform. Working for farmers, Dot completes tasks autonomously and enables farmers to spend more of their time focusing on the overall operation of their farm.



Agrirepel® Grain Bags are the only proven effective bird, rodent & raccoon repellent grain bags. The revolutionary plastic film repels pests for up to two years. Safe, all-natural, non-toxic and made with the highest quality materials, the Agrirepel® range of products are helping farmers save time and money while protecting the animals and the environment.



The SIWI Combi Hitch available from Future AG is an auto hitching system that connects the tractor to an implement in a matter of seconds without requiring the operator to leave the seat of the tractor. The SIWI hitch connects hydraulic couplers, PTO drivelines and electrical harnessing with the push of a button allowing implements to be connected and disconnected quickly and effortlessly. The operatorwill stay safely clear of high- pressure lines and moving driveshafts while saving machine hours, labor hours and frustration.